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With Intelligent Overlays from Singular,
Now You Can.
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Intelligent Live Overlays

Singular delivers revolutionary cloud-based technology to live graphic overlays. Customizable, scalable, flexible, innovative, easy and affordable. We always bring you the latest tech with cutting edge features like interactivity.  

Singular is everything your current CG isn’t.

For All Types of Productions

Singular lets you build fully customizable overlays in the cloud and share them onto virtually any content. Singular is perfect for any live video content like studio shows, remote productions and social media streaming. You can even use it on your VOD assets and update overlays after they have been published.

And Any Workflow

Singular is built to fit easily into your workflow, whether that is IP, NDI™, or HD-SDI. We are integrated with a huge number of complimentary platforms and compatible with many more. Singular can be used to compliment, supplement or replace your existing infrastructure.

With Singular, Now You Can

Singular is a powerful, professional cloud-based platform that allows you to create intelligent overlays that harness the best of digital technology from the ground up.
  1. Custom overlay builder

  2. Pro themes

  3. Control apps

  4. Support Portal

  5. Developer tools

  6. Affordable & scalable

  7. For streaming, SDI & NDI

With Singular, you can have all this (and more), all in your web browser.
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Singular’s Intelligent Overlays are helping content creators all over the world. Check out some of our most recent user showcases. With Singular, Now You Can.
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