March 3, 2023

Technative Live innovate with Ice Climbing World Cup 2023

For the past 20 years, the International Climbing and Mountain Federation (UIAA) has organized competitive ice climbing, and over that time have witnessed an accelerating growth in popularity of this sport globally. Combining the allure of the winter sport environment with the fast-paced action, intelligence and determination, it is becoming increasingly appealing to young people.

On the 7th January 2023, Technative Live, a passionate, one stop shop for broadcasting, content creation and content strategy, delivered a full broadcast production service for the UIAA Ice Climbing World Cup. Integrating with the Ice Climbing scoring service, they were able to deliver accurate results instantaneously, optimizing viewer experience and engagement.

The team invented their unique sidebar leaderboard graphic back in 2019 and for the first time they've migrated the build and data integration over to the Singular platform, noting "it worked really well". The synchronization of the live scoring with the progress bar on the right of the screen allowed viewers to track the climbers ranking throughout their attempt, increasing anticipation and excitement.

Leader bar graphic

Using, the team created custom graphics for everything that needed to be animated based on the data. The cloud-based nature of Singular was an additional key component of their production. Although the World Cup took place in Switzerland, the graphic control and live scoring were done remotely from the UK, helping to minimize unnecessary travel and reinforce the production's sustainability ethos.

Focusing on quality and innovation, Technative were able to produce a high-quality production that seamlessly integrated cloud-based live graphics into their existing NDI encoding workflow. 

Full Screen Leaderboard

About Technative Live

For any event, Technative Live offers everything from a content plan all the way through to a fully featured broadcast, content strategy and wrap-around content, read more about what they do or get in contact with them here.

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