June 8, 2023

Firesky supports Red Bull Flick’s CS:GO stream

Delivering Consistency on a Global Scale

In the fast-paced world of esports, delivering a captivating and immersive viewing experience is crucial for engaging audiences worldwide. Red Bull Media House, a renowned player in the esports industry, faced the challenge of providing a consistent and branded digital broadcast graphics solution for its global qualifiers in the annual Red Bull Flick CS:GO tournament

Red Bull Media House wanted to optimize operations for their global country partners by providing them with a branded digital broadcast graphics solution for their local qualifiers in the Red Bull Flick tournament. This approach would eliminate the need for each partner to develop their own graphics solution, ensuring consistency while also saving time and resources. Crucially, this solution required the seamless integration of live game play data, allowing each territory to align their output with the tournament's brand and broadcast standards in real time.

Firesky were the technical production company appointed to deliver this innovation for the Red Bull Flick CS:GO tournament, and they were able to offer a range of solutions to around 30 of Red Bull's global country partners, all designed to elevate the overall digital broadcast output coverage. Singular played a pivotal role in delivering a browser-based option to each partner, eliminating the requirement for on-site hardware. To enable accurate and fast updates during live game play, Firesky worked closely with the Singular team to harness the high-speed data solution required by esports live game play. For Red Bull Media House, it gave them the chance to ensure the Red Bull Flick branded graphics could be successfully used across all areas of the 2v2 player CS:GO broadcast, including during live game play where fast, accurate live data is critical to the output.

High Frequency Live Data

Firesky processed the live data feed using the native CS:GO Game State Integration (GSI) service as well as a bespoke application called the Map Data Processor (MDP) to extract custom Red Bull Flick Map Information. These two data sources were collated and processed by a cloud-based receiver, which seamlessly updated the relevant Singular DataStream approximately 10 times per second. This high-frequency data availability allowed the HUD (the graphics overlay on the gameplay screen being offered in Singular through the DataStream) to display intricate details crucial for viewers' immersive experience, such as real-time ammunition count-down. Firesky were pleasantly surprised by the DataStream service Singular offered which proved to be highly efficient and easy to use. The seamless integration of data into the broadcasts allowed for a dynamic viewing experience, proving a solid solution for Red Bull House.  

Stuart Collier, Director at Firesky, expressed that their “experience working with the technical support team at Singular was very positive, helping us to be able to deliver the data refresh speeds we required to deliver graphics as close to real-time as possible.”

 Local Deployment 

The Red Bull Flick Project enabled Firesky to bring together the multiple elements required to produce a live, branded CS:GO digital broadcast and offer them to up to 30 separate country partners globally. Through a centralized portal, partners were able to sign in to launch and test each of the elements they required. The integration of Singular into the overall solution meant that each of the partner countries could choose to have access to a powerful graphics solution already fully integrated with the Red Bull Flick broadcast graphics pack and live data. This eliminated the need for partners to deploy their own hardware solutions, minimizing additional integration efforts.

The Takeaway

The collaboration between Red Bull Media House, Firesky, and Singular successfully tackled the challenge of providing a branded esports digital broadcast graphics and live data solution for its global qualifiers in the annual Red Bull Flick CS:GO tournament. Through their partnership, Red Bull Media House was able to offer its global country partners a powerful tool that elevated their digital broadcast coverage while maintaining the tournament's brand identity. Singular's forward-thinking approach to broadcast graphics enabled Firesky to effectively reach multiple users in a commercially-viable manner for Red Bull. The assistance provided by Singular proved invaluable in the successful delivery of an ambitious new live data solution for gaming.

About Firesky

Firesky is driven by the commitment to assist their clients in the sport and esports industries in leveraging their live event broadcasts and data assets to create compelling narratives for their audiences, all while embracing innovation and cost-effectiveness. Through this collaboration, the boundaries of esports broadcasting have been pushed, setting new standards for immersive and engaging experiences for fans worldwide.

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