June 23, 2022

ESPN Deportes’ ‘Goles y Mas’ Topic Bar

ESPN is one of the biggest names in Sport broadcasting with innovation and high quality content embedded into its DNA. In order to continue producing the best on-air content from home after the impact of the pandemic, ESPN created a brand new remote show called “Goles y Mas” for ESPN Deportes.

For the production team of “Goles y Mas”, building their highly complex Topic Bar graphic in a pre-rendered After Effects workflow was proving to be incredibly time consuming. It required rendering out countless versions weekly, with different content depending on the talking points of each show. To continue to innovate and save valuable production time, the Deportes team at ESPN recreated the same graphic in Singular as a live template with customizable text, eliminating the time required to pre-render videos dozens of times every week. 

As a result, they achieved their innovation objective with a dynamic topic bar graphic and seamlessly incorporated it into the “Goles y Mas” production workflow. According to Manuel Rojas, ESPN Deportes & International’s Associate Producer, it is “the first animated topic bar operated from Singular.live on ESPN”.

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