February 22, 2021

A-Rod Corp Website Pays Homage to Baseball Roots with Ticker Built by Black Helicopter Creative

Over the past several years, Singular has frequently been used by broadcasters and streamers to display graphic overlays over their live digital or broadcast video feeds. But the beauty of Singular is its versatility. A-Rod Corp highlighted a creative approach to leveraging Singular, building a scrolling live ticker directly into their new website.

A-Rod Corp, an investment firm headed by former MLB star Alex Rodriguez, invests in businesses across many sectors, and wanted a way to share company information about those sectors while referencing Rodriguez's roots in baseball. In partnership with SellersEaston Media and A-Rod Corp, Black Helicopter Creative was hired to build out the new website.

Taking inspiration from SportCenter's ticker, Black Helicopter constructed the ticker elements

within Singular Composer and embedded the looping graphic into the website, which they built using Webflow. The new A-Rod Corp website launched on October 15, 2020, and the unique and innovative ticker is prominently displayed on the site's home page, continuously updating viewers with the latest company headlines across its various sectors.

"The ticker we created using Singular truly took our site to the next level," said Dylann Keaney of Black Helicopter. "We were able to bring a really unique real time element into the web space in a way that pays homage to the world of sports. It definitely helped us stand out in the web design environment."

Despite having its roots in technology, Black Helicopter - who recently became a Certified Singular Service Provider - has embraced a diverse work portfolio as a creative agency, working with website development as well as sports related creative content for clients such as ESPN, The PGA Tour, and the LPGA.

Black Helicopter's commitment to diversity extends beyond its service offerings. As a female-owned company, Black Helicopter has attributed much of their success to its commitment to diversity in the workplace, believing diversity to be the key to their creativity. That creativity sparked the idea for A-Rod Corp's ticker element, and Black Helicopter's eventual partnership with Singular.live.

"Looking forward we can see how a platform like Singular can really challenge the idea of what a website can be", says Keaney. "We feel confident that committing to Singular as a development platform for the web will differentiate us and allow us to create more engaging experiences for our customers and help us drive our business forward."

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