April 20, 2021

Action Network Debuts New Live Betting Show Format with “Heat Check”

Action Network, known for its widely successful gambling app within the United States, is dedicated to providing the best betting content to their customers across a variety of platforms. As with all content creators, their approach was turned on its head following the abrupt arrival of the pandemic. With both broadcasting and betting becoming a heavily virtual space, it was a matter of both necessity and survival for Action Network to get creative with their material.  As was the case with many other industries worldwide however, the challenge of the pandemic turned out to be a fruitful one; giving birth to a successful new live show concept, “Heat Check”. 

Heat Check is Action Network’s first live betting show that incorporates fully data-driven, real-time graphic overlays. This NBA gambling show features odds, news and free picks twice a week at 6pm EST.  Streamed across all social media platforms, the show breaks down the best bets, discusses where the market is moving in real time, and gives the best props analysis you can find. 

The custom visuals displayed throughout the show are achieved through the use of Singular; enabling the graphics features that are necessary for displaying real time betting market data. Heat Check presents important betting data in a very straightforward way, keeping the overlays clean and concise while the commentary remains equally uncomplicated with their commitment to  smart, unemotional gambling advice.

Multiple graphic elements, data and a spinning Singular wheel are all handled easily by a single operator using a Streamdeck through our integration with Companion. The easy use of data driven live graphics enables Action Network to continue serving their community useful betting content. After all, what’s more helpful than live data and commentary during that crucial pre-game betting window?

Following  Action Network’s upgrade from static graphics to fully live, data driven overlays, the network says that they have plenty of ideas for live, data-centric shows in the future. From basketball, golf and football shows, Action Network plans to continue to deliver that real-time insight their smart viewers are actively seeking.

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