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Live overlays for streaming

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*School accounts do not currently include advanced features like interactivity.

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Train the Next Generation of Content Producers

Equip future producers with the most advanced intelligent overlay platform on the planet. Singular’s Intelligent Overlays allow anyone to add real-time graphics to their live streams, all from a web browser.


Overlays For All Types of Content

Singular overlays can be used for any type of live show. At this unprecedented time of global school closures, educators have even used Singular overlays to enhance their remote live teaching.

We offer all schools a completely free and unwatermarked Singular account.

We're using Singular graphics for our sports live streaming as only parents of the athletes can attend the games. We also used them for our band show. Love the ease of use!"

George "Scooter" Youst, Teaching Asst. w/ Technical Specialization

Liverpool High School, USA


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