July 29, 2021

Finnish Soccer Club Ylämyllyn Yllätys Elevates Their Live Content

Despite the pandemic, Finnish youth boys and girls soccer club Ylämyllyn Yllätys U18-14 is thriving. They have become the second largest soccer club in North Karelia with the number of players having grown by 25% and having obtained over 100 volunteers (mostly young people and children's parents) who are now organizing ‘hobby groups’ in schools almost daily. With this newfound surge in popularity on their local level, in January 2021, the club decided they wanted to elevate the broadcasts of their games. Although they'd been live-streaming matches since 2013, they wanted to improve their match broadcast quality, ensuring the newly increased online audience of relatives and supporters could properly enjoy the events of each match without physically being there.

Ari Mäkiranta, girl's coach and video expert, recently started incorporating Singular’s overlays into the club’s live streams using just his laptop. Ari taught himself how to navigate both Composer and Studio, and says the ease of use was the biggest highlight for him. He found the platform was easy to understand, and adding graphics to streams was a simple process. Ari was able to teach the platform to other club members without any prior technical knowledge; telling us that “any organization should not be afraid to try Singular. They really only need one person to learn how to use the platform, and they can set up the basics for anyone else”.

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