World Environment Day: Beating Air Pollution

This year, World Environment Day is focusing on beating air pollution. The broadcast industry is incredibly complex, but the impact on the environment - especially air pollution - is damaging.

Transportation is one the biggest contributors to greenhouse gases. In 2017, it contributed to 29% of all the United States’ total greenhouse gas emissions, with most of these greenhouse gases being carbon dioxide.

Graphic from EPA’s Greenhouse Gas Inventory Data Explorer

Transportation is heavily used by the broadcast industry, as events that require enormous numbers of people and huge volumes of hardware have these shipped all around the world to service an event that lasts, at most, a few weeks. Additionally, the staff who are needed to setup and run this equipment all need flights, hotels, food and drink, which all come with a damaging environmental effect.

The global transport sector accounts for almost one-quarter of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions, and this proportion is rising. Air pollution emissions from transport have been linked to nearly 400,000 premature deaths. Reducing unnecessary transportation is massively effective in reducing air pollution and keeping the air as clean as possible. Carbon dioxide is by far the largest emission of greenhouse gases from the transport sector, heavily outweighing any other greenhouse gas produced.

Source: U.S EPA's Inventory of U.S. Greenhouse Gas Emissions and Sinks: 1990-2017

This is where Singular comes in; as an entirely cloud-based digital overlay platform, Singular allows operators to work from anywhere without having to travel to be on site. This also means there is no need to buy expensive dedicated hardware and ship it around the globe.

Singular is operated from a web browser, so without dedicated machinery to power and transport from event to event, using Singular can reduce both the financial and environmental costs of production - good for business and the conscience! Put simply, the more hardware and humans you can leave at home, the better for the planet and the air we live in!

We're helping the Earth where we can, and by using Singular, so can you!

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