August 18, 2020

VENN 24/7 Gaming-Lifestyle Network Launches with Singular Overlays

Certified Service Provider Reality Check Solutions positioned itself for the future several years ago when it partnered with Singular overlays to help shift the broadcast landscape towards digital streaming. On August 5th, another part of that future arrived with the launch of VENN, a new type of 24/7 TV Network for the age of streaming.

Targeting the gaming, pop culture, and esports audiences, VENN is a digital-focused live TV platform and features Singular overlays, built by RCS, on several of its shows. The overlays appear on The Grey Area, a variety show hosted by Sasha Grey; the fitness show Looking for Gains; and DARE Package, a competition challenge show. For each show, RCS built custom Singular overlays that includes typical broadcast elements such as Lower Thirds, Mortises, Tickers, Countdown Clocks, Live Scoring, Brackets, L-Bars, and Social Media Posts.

Additionally, RCS built custom Monitor Fill overlays to be used within the VENN studios. These overlays leveraged Singular’s power, allowing for elements to quickly be adapted for specific shows, interfacing with Twitter posts, and using Singular’s Google Sheets Widget to efficiently populate large amounts of data.

Tune into VENN on Twitch, YouTube, Facebook, or Twitter, with more ways to watch coming soon.

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