November 30, 2022 expands offering with new product for streamers

Since launching Singular we’ve had an amazing amount of feedback from our community with ideas, requests and thankfully a lot of kind words. This led us to the latest major expansion of our offering; the release of our new product: uno. Now you can quickly add great looking graphic overlays to your next live stream without the complexity of authoring from scratch.

uno Homepage

With as the backend, the website is a one stop shop with zero compromise on quality. Customize any of the hundreds of pre-built live overlay templates and get on-air fast. No downloading, no hassle. It’s the fastest, simplest way to add live customizable overlays to your stream. Period.

uno is Democratizing Live Graphics 

uno helps further the Singular company mission of democratizing live graphics. Live streamers shouldn’t be limited to time-consuming, cumbersome workflows using pre-rendered videos and image files as their default overlay solution. With uno, you get access to professional quality live graphics that the broadcast industry has had for decades but without the cost and complexity.

uno's Extensive Overlay Library

uno is for content creators who want the sophistication of live graphics but don't need a robust live graphics authoring platform like Having been described as “like Canva for live graphics", uno is designed for everyone and best of all it is free! Yes free, so nobody is excluded.

The Platform Focus

The secondary benefit to the  launch of uno is that it frees up the platform to maintain focus on serving its growing Enterprise customers, high end professionals and community of partners. was built to be the next generation live graphics platform; completely web based with next gen features and functionality. With our team's unique background in live top tier broadcast graphics covering everything from multiple Superbowls, ESPN, F1, MLB Network, NBC, Sky and countless networks and federations all over the world, we had a pretty good idea of what was required. 

When we began, our team wanted to go beyond the limitations inherent in  traditional hardware-based, linear graphics engines whilst also eliminating the  costs for both customers and the planet. It’s thanks to your feedback and suggestions that Singular has quickly become the gold standard for HTML, cloud native graphics. 

In summary, the launch of uno is a big milestone that allows us to do two things; stay true to our promise of making real time graphic overlays available to everyone while also enabling  Singular to focus even more on serving the needs of our Enterprise customers, high end professionals and community of partners.

Learn more about uno and sign up for free at As always, we ask and need your continued feedback and suggestions to make uno work for you.

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