June 15, 2020

Torian Pro 2019

Project Overview

Held annually in Brisbane, Australia, the Torian Pro is fast becoming one of the premier events CrossFit's international calendar. In 2019, the event featured CrossFit royalty in Rich Froning Jr and Tia-Clair Toomey, and alongside a two-day event calendar, it showcased the CrossFit Open 20.5 - a major component of athlete qualification for the CrossFit Games.

An event of this calibre requires a high-quality broadcast that is immersive, visually engaging, and faithful to the unique DNA of CrossFit. Competition organisers engaged Australia's DoubleTake Sports, a leading supplier of digital-first, low-cost sports outside broadcast and a Singular certified service provider. Live on Youtube, the event ran all weekend with 21 hours of airtime from Friday evening to Sunday afternoon.

The international CrossFit community expect the best, and the broadcast had to be up to scratch.

The event's multiple commercial partners and sponsors were supported with various in-broadcast advertising options. Finally, the broadcast had to look the part. Using Singular, the DoubleTake Sports team developed a bespoke graphics package that not only faithfully championed the Torian Pro visual identity, but could also handle the unique scoring and timing requirements of a multi-workout CrossFit event.

A tremendous success, the broadcast attracted over 100,000 live viewers, despite being broadcast in the dead of the night in the United States.

Production Details

The camera plan featured multiple manned and unmanned cameras in the bowl of the Pat Rafter Arena, with two additional wireless roving cameras (one Steadicam) on the competition floor. Competition organisers sought to maximise the impact of their superstar CrossFit announcers, with Kiki Dickson and Rory Mckernan acting as both in-stadia announcers and in-stream commentators and personalities, requiring complex and agile audio routing.

The complex overlays with scoring/timing capability were built in Singular Composer and controlled via Singular Studio and DoubleTake's custom developed control app using the Singular API. Singular overlays were combined with video and produced out of vMix.

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