September 6, 2019

Top 6 Reasons to Visit Singular at IBC 2019

1. HD-SDI Compatibility: Singular is now fully compatible with HD-SDI output and fits seamlessly into your existing broadcast workflow at a fraction of the cost.

2. NDI™ Compatibility: Convert Singular's output to NDI™ using Singular Recast, allowing you to take advantage of Newtek's innovative IP workflow.

3. Adaptive Overlays: Evolve with the changing media world. As mobile viewership increases, adopt Singular's Adaptive Overlays to create overlays that change based on the screen size of the device they're viewed on.

4. Interactivity: Revolutionize the way viewers engage with your content. Singular's industry-acclaimed Interactive Digital Overlays give you the power to build interactivity directly into overlays, elevating the viewer experience to new heights. Viewers can click to vote in live polls, choose which overlays or data to see on screen, or interact with your content in any way you can imagine.

5. Green Video Production: Do your part to clean up our planet. Singular offers a completely cloud-based workflow with minimal hardware requirements, allowing for efficient remote productions. Reduce costs and pollution with less need for travel and shipping. Singular helps both the environment and your bottom line. Who ever said you can't have it both ways?

6. Singular is the New Standard: Adopt early or get left behind. It's up to you.

When | September 13th-17th

Where | RAI Amsterdam Convention Centre > Booth B08 in Hall 14

RSVP | Schedule a 30 minute personal demo at our booth, here

Guest Pass | For a free guest pass, register here and use code 22075

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