August 30, 2023

SmartStreamer by YNHALD: A Mobile Centric Production Solution

In the digital age of remote connectivity, live content has become more prominent as technology has evolved to make production tools more accessible both in terms of cost and technical expertise.

YNHLAD Corp, a US-based company founded by two Austrians, began their journey over a decade ago capturing Austrian soccer games. Equipped with a camera, a laptop, a modem, tonnes of cables, a dongle, and the software they had developed, one person had the ability to produce a stream and administer it. However, there was a hitch: the operator needed IT experience and the requested quality was high, limiting the scalability of the production solution. The challenge was clear – find a scalable solution, reduce hardware costs, and develop an application that is easy to use for everybody.

SmartStreamer was purpose built to resolve the challenge that the team had faced with their own production requirements. Based on the needs of their clients, the team built a bespoke application for Android devices, which has evolved into an all-in-one solution combining ease of use with professional-grade features. From multi-camera inputs to replay and slow-motion capabilities, video cuts, and intricate graphics, SmartStreamer revolutionized the experience of producing live streams. One Simple App with all of the features you need to produce a world class live stream, using only one person and a smartphone. This innovation garnered attention, leading to partnerships with key players in the industry, including the Austrian Soccer Association (ÖFB) and Sport Deutschland TV.

The team recognized the need for advanced graphics capabilities. This is where Singular entered the scene. Singular's Studio, APIs/SDKs, and data integration proved to be a perfect fit for SmartStreamer's vision. By seamlessly integrating SmartStreamer with Singular and, Singular’s standalone product designed for streamers, SmartStreamer were able to enhance the viewer experience with rich and situation-based graphics. With this partnership, SmartStreamer were able to demonstrate to their clients that quality was not compromised with reduced cost and hardware

SmartStreamer's founders were impressed by the simplicity and flexibility of Singular's tools, allowing their clients to build engaging graphics in their productions. Alexander Zajic said that “it's easy to build up your own graphics with a lot of features you can use them for”.

SmartStreamer is a testament to the strength of the Singular platform that enables partners to build their own integrations and solutions using Singular as part of their offering. The team's unwavering dedication to their product's potential and their clients' needs has yielded an application that not only simplifies low-budget live streaming but also fosters interactive and engaging experiences. The integration with Singular further underscores their commitment to enhancing their streamlined video production solution, with deeper integrations planned.

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