January 26, 2022

A Q&A with the Singular Team

We built the Singular platform using our years of experience with an award winning team. Our vision was simple: to create a better way for content creators to do their job, providing a highly innovative platform that would revolutionize the broadcast media industry. 

As Singular has grown, so has the list of possibilities that the platform can offer. Users from around the world have enhanced their live content in a diverse range of contexts - from sports matches and elections to fundraising events and virtual classrooms. Singular’s user community  itself has also become a diverse mix of content creators - ranging from individual gaming gurus and non-profit organizations, to large industry-leading corporations that were captivated  by the platform’s innovative cloud-native infrastructure. 

A platform and brand as unique and dynamic as Singular requires an equally unique and dynamic team behind it. As we continue to grow, learn and evolve, we wanted to take a step back from our day to day work and reflect on our involvement in the platform, as well as shed some light on what we’re doing and where we’re trying to go.

What attracted you to Singular?

“…at the time, I knew this invention was truly innovative within the landscape of live graphics. I wanted to join the team to help the platform flourish within the broadcast industry, yes, but all forms of live content where it can bring meaning and value.” Kathryn Klebenow, Project Manager

The Singular team consists of people from a range of backgrounds and disciplines. While the foundations of the platform are rooted in years of broadcast experience and skill, the bigger picture is much more diverse. From backgrounds in marketing and social impact to industrial and graphic design, all members of the team cite Singular’s uniqueness as the reason why they were drawn to it as both a platform and a company. 

This uniqueness means different things depending on who you ask. For some it’s the next-gen innovation of live production technology; a solution to a more cumbersome and inefficient traditional system. For others it’s the social and environmental impact that Singular has in democratizing live graphics for everyone.

What is your favorite thing about Singular?

“…anyone wanting to learn a new skill or career or develop a new HTML based solution can simply sign up to Singular for free and get started. Anyone can learn it and use it without having to spend anything.”  Mike Ward, Head of Marketing

Crucial to the whole team at Singular and fundamental to the platform offering is accessibility. Not only is Singular all browser-based, meaning anyone can use it anywhere as long as they have an internet connection, but it also eliminates the hardware dependency of traditional solutions. This opens doors for anyone regardless of their background, location, experience or resources, to quickly and easily enhance their live content without expensive hardware.

The simplicity of use and implementation of Singular also stands out as a winning feature for many of our users, both in terms of learning how to operate it and integrating its API with other platforms. Integration is possible with any data feed available on the internet - meaning Singular can be utilized in a huge range of contexts around the world. 

Singular’s features also contribute to a bigger picture; a reconceptualization of live content creation. Not only is the platform leading the way in sustainable practice, opening doors for lower-tier creators and allowing its users to work entirely remotely, it is also transforming video/graphic consumption from a passive activity into an active, engaging experience. Singular has helped school teachers better engage their students during live remote learning, and the virtual viewing of sports matches become an entirely bespoke experience. The implications of this are massive, and we believe that this standard will one day become the norm. 

What is Singular’s greatest achievement so far? 

“Singular's most outstanding achievement is its architecture with its flexibility and scalability! Users can add lower thirds to their video stream and build interactive, personalized experiences for thousands of simultaneous users.” Thomas Molden, CIO 

Singular itself is an incredibly powerful platform that was conceptualized and built by some of the best minds in the business. Building and running such an innovative platform is a huge achievement in itself. Its seamless architecture allows for massive flexibility and scalability - an option that often isn’t available from traditional hardware systems. 

Beyond this, the team is proud that by showing Singular to the world, we have opened up the potential of live graphics to the world beyond big-budget-broadcasters. Our Singular for Good program (allowing educators and non-profits completely free access to a PRO account) has been transformative for a huge variety of organizations around the world. Especially in the midst of a global pandemic when many people were forced to continue their work online, Singular has provided relief for these organizations and helped them to continue making a difference. 

Where do you see Singular 5 years from now?

“...places I cannot currently imagine. Our users of today (and tomorrow) continually find new ways to unleash Singular — I’m excited for them to show us the way.” Seve Sanchez, Strategy

Singular sets the new standard for live graphics overlays; accessible, sustainable and scalable with a feature set that includes personalization and interactivity. We are proud of the fact that the platform is also starting to infiltrate other industries that are starting to engage with live content; underpinning a company-wide collective aspiration of informing and engaging more and more people, in increasingly creative and meaningful ways. 

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