April 26, 2023

Singular Recast Upgrade: Overcoming the CEF Challenge

Many current tools that use Chromium Embedded Framework (CEF) typically use earlier versions. Often this is fine for those use cases, however for Singular Recast, our HTML output to NDI® conversion tool, we wanted to upgrade to a newer version of CEF (version 103) in order to gain some specific benefits. After some initial research and reading many cautionary tales, it became clear to us that undertaking this CEF upgrade was not going to be straightforward. 

As anticipated, upgrading CEF within Singular Recast proved to be a huge challenge for our development team. One significant hurdle we encountered was getting CEF version 103 to render HTML animations efficiently and at a stable frame rate. Despite this challenge, the benefits were well worth our team’s ultimately successful effort. Plus, as many of you will already know, we’re suckers for a challenge.  

Upgrading CEF in Singular Recast has brought about major improvements. The most prominent is improved performance both in rendering speed and reduced memory usage, as well as the addition of audio support.

Singular Recast also now handles keying from unshaped video, support for all broadcast standards, and new features in Javascript, HTML and CSS.

Summary of Singular Recast Improvements

  • Updated CEF
  • Supports NDI® 5
  • Supports audio
  • Optimized: faster, less memory usage
  • Supports all broadcast video formats
  • Additional Javascript, HTML and CSS features
  • Improved keying 
  • Simplified UI

We’re happy to share the details of this project with integration partners who could benefit from learning about the challenges we encountered and the knowledge we gained. We hope you enjoy the latest version of Singular Recast with updated CEF and as always we welcome feedback. 

If you are a Singular Technology Partner and would like to get more detailed information on the integration of CEF 103, please contact us.

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