February 19, 2021

Scoreboard OCR - Send Scoreboard Digits to Overlays With a Camera

Calling all data gurus; looking for easy access to any scoreboard data for use in your Singular overlays? Scoreboard OCR could be the answer to your prayers.

What is Scoreboard OCR?

New Certified Technology Partner Scoreboard OCR uses pretty amazing visual recognition technology to perceive digits from a physical scoreboard and deliver them as data for live use in Singular overlays. This means that for anyone producing live events who doesn't have access to scoreboard data. . . well, now you can.  Check out a short demo video of how it works, here.

Scoreboard OCR & Singular in action

For setup, all that is required (besides the software and a bit of data knowledge in Singular), is a Windows laptop with camera attached. With Scoreboard OCR, you're able to grab match time, score and other data and send it directly to your Singular.live overlays. You can even show/hide timeout indicators. Learn more about how to make it happen, here.

Trusted Across a Wide Range of Events

At its inception, Scoreboard OCR was created out of a need to easily capture scoreboard data for basketball games. It has helped to produce 1000+ FIBA matches all over Europe. Now, hundreds of companies are using Scoreboard OCR for different indoor and outdoor sports (basketball, hockey, handball, floorball, futsal, volleyball, etc.) and even computer games. Customers include streaming companies, national television stations, live production trucks and remote production studios (such as FOX Sports).

From Introduction to Integration

Arturs Vaskis, founder of Scoreboard OCR, first discovered Singular.live back in 2018 at IBC. When speaking with Singular co-founder Thomas Molden, he realized the breakthrough potential of making Singular a compatible live graphics platform for Scoreboard OCR. Arturs says, "At the time, there wasn't another sophisticated cloud solution for graphics". To this day, Arturs says he hasn't seen anything close to Singular since.

What's Next & Free Demo Download

Scoreboard OCR is regularly adding new functionality and improving its third party integration with Singular.live to become a mandatory tool when wired connection to the scoreboard is not convenient.

A fully functional Scoreboard OCR 30 day demo version can be downloaded, here.
For more information please visit Scoreboard OCR or contact Arturs Vaskis at ocr@scoreboard-ocr.com.

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