October 2, 2023

RCS Singular SDI "Bullet Convert"; Optimized HTML to SDI Conversion


Certified Partner Reality Check Solutions' Singular SDI "Bullet Convert" is the result of extensive research by the RCS Advanced Engineering team to respond to a specific repeat client request; can you provide a solution for using Singular graphics in an HD SDI workflow?

After months of researching multiple solutions, the Advanced Engineering team at RCS settled on a system comprising leading hardware and software to provide a robust solution consisting of a single 4RU chassis for rack mounting that delivers 2 x key and fill channels in full HD.

The result is a highly optimized, robust HTML to SDI conversion solution that enables Singular.live HTML graphics to be utilized in an HD SDI live production workflow.

The Solution

RCS' Bullet Convert is a single 4 x RU unit designed to be rack mounted in a client facility.

It can take in HD SDI video signals and then composite Singular graphics onto the video signals to then deliver an HD SDI video signal with graphics embedded.  

Each Bullet is capable of delivering two separate key and fill channels in full HD whilst the graphics can be triggered via Singular from anywhere. No KVM required and graphics operators have the flexibility to work from anywhere.

While Singular itself is a cloud native, browser-based graphics platform, many clients have seen the opportunity to introduce it into their HD SDI workflows. Key reasons for adopting this workflow are reduced costs and increased flexibility. A single RCS Bullet Convert combined with a Singular account costs a fraction of traditional alternatives and can be easily operated remotely.

The RCS Bullet Converts are used to create both primary and secondary content in particular where clients do not want to or are unable to run a live production through one of their galleries. The systems are also being used to provide additional redundancy options for live graphics.

They also present a way to create localized content at a fraction of the cost of using traditional methods.

Further Details

  • All units are shipped from either RCS’ Simi Valley or UK office
  • Agreements are on an annual fixed price rental basis at $12.000 per annum (pricing valid until December 31st 2023)
  • Singular Enterprise license cost included with 2 outputs.

Learn more in the Bullet Convert technical spec sheet, here.

Contact RCS

To order an RCS Bullet Convert or discuss this further please contact RCS via info@rcs.live

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