February 2, 2022

Concrete Teaching Tips from Prof. Mante

Remote learning has rapidly become an essential part of the education landscape. But how can educators ensure their students are fully focused on the lesson? Innovative educators around the world have been exploring ways to deeply engage students in virtual learning. Singular’s platform has helped many of them amplify their techniques. Live graphics literally add layers of extra information, and can add a touch of news anchor-style expertise and ‘buzz’ to their lessons. 

One such innovator is Dave Mante, professor at Lafayette College. When the pandemic closed classrooms, he was determined to give students value for money. He transformed his virtual Civil & Environmental Engineering lectures into exciting, highly interactive sessions, making them “something special by leveraging a dynamic atmosphere to keep students interacting and keep them accountable,” 

Students describe his lessons as ‘fun’ and ‘engaging’. He uses a Singular ticker to display headlines carrying reminders about assignments and deadlines. He has even developed a ‘hot seat’ segment where a randomized list of students’ names appear as a lower third. When they’re on the ‘hot seat’ students have to be ready to jump in when called upon, like an expert in a news show, to represent the class by delivering crucial learnings the lecture has covered, or about assignments or tests coming up.  They know they have to be unmuted and answer immediately or risk no credit for that day. No more getting distracted by phones or sneakily putting themselves on mute.

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