February 9, 2022

Photron: a world-class range of broadcast, video and audio equipment

Since its foundation, Japan-based Service Provider Photron has been a leading provider in the field of imaging technology; maintaining a commitment to cutting-edge technological innovation and uncompromising product quality. 

Photron’s service-driven ethos has been evident throughout their evolution; keeping up to date with technology trends and continuing to provide outstanding customer service. Recently, they have begun strengthening their efforts in the field of live streaming for professionals, and have launched "Photron Live Cloud Service", a SaaS product that enables remote production companies to easily share video between locations using SRT and WebRTC. 

GRASP OCR Demonstration at Inter BEE 2021

They also recently released their new control application, GRASP. This consists of a ‘series’ of functions: ‘GRASP Twitter’, for controlling the sending of Twitter comments, and ‘GRASP OCR’, for reading scoreboard and timer numbers by character recognition and sending them into Singular. The ‘GRASP OCR’ function can be controlled by either DataNode or DataStream under a GRASP subscription, but for cases of a one-off, bespoke use of the application, Photron has created a version that realizes even faster graphic updates. Combined with high speed character reading performance, Photron claims to realize ultra low latency graphic control. 

This highly innovative application works in tandem with Singular’s API to ensure ease of use for those incorporating other platforms and software into their use of Singular’s live graphic overlays. GRASP is available with a low subscription fee with a minimum term of one week. 

Thomas Molden, CIO at Singular, has worked with Photron for over a decade and has always been impressed with their enthusiasm with the Singular platform. As a Singular Partner, Photron have worked closely with the Singular team and as a result have an extensive knowledge of the platform. This, combined with their eagerness to jump right into looking at both composition builds and control apps, is testament to their customer-centric values as a company. Understanding the requirements for cloud-based technologies and what they can offer, Photron is able to keep up to date with their audience’s needs and continue to provide them with excellent service and expertise.

When asked about their partnership with Singular, Photron responded:

“Singular has a rich expressive power that can meet the demands of video production professionals, while also having SDK for efficient development of custom controls according to applications and project requirements. Through combining our original development with Singular, Photron believes it is one of the best solutions to provide our customers with in order to ensure a seamless graphic service with high performance.”

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