November 4, 2020

Oxford University Museum of Natural History's Live Lectures

Museums around the world have historically relied on in-person visits to inform and enlighten the public. These institutions have been consistently committed to providing permeating experiences through architectural feats, grand exhibit design and all the other wonders that a profound physical space can bestow. Suddenly stripped of their central educational methods, museums are finding new and creative ways to remotely distribute information to the global community.

One such museum is The Oxford University Museum of Natural History in Oxford, England. The museum hosts a biweekly live public lecture on YouTube with Singular overlays providing much needed graphic context. Host Dr. Jack J. Matthews uses the overlays on his personal webcam during video calls to display stream information and invite audience questions as he chats with the guest of the day. Additionally, overlays are used during the Q&A, to advertise the next lecture and to display closing thoughts.

As a nonprofit, the museum recently became members of the Singular for Good program which offers free un-watermarked accounts to Schools and Nonprofit organizations. The museum's free online livestream events aim to make their research and collection available worldwide, providing unique experiences to regular visitors and new access to the global community.

To sign up for a free Singular account, visit

For information on using Singular overlays on your webcam, click here.

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