May 12, 2020

Singular Powers Optus Sport's New "Isolation Football Trivia" Show

While Australian Football remains in a lockdown period, Optus Sport - Australia's largest sports OTT platform - hasn't stopped finding ways to connect with its audience, launching a new live show with Singular overlays, "Isolation Football Trivia."

"Isolation Football Trivia," which streams of Facebook Live, takes an entertaining and lighthearted approach, such as its 80's-themed episode with retro Singular overlays and outfits to match.

“The key for us during this period has been to find creative ways to engage with our audience,” said Richard Bayliss, Optus Director of Sport.

“Being able to interact directly with viewers each night, having them compete against and banter with football greats such as Mark Schwarzer and John Aloisi, created a loyal audience that made the show appointment viewing immediately.”

Singular graphic overlays have played a key role in that audience engagement. Throughout each show, 20 trivia questions are posed to the talent and displayed on screen via Singular overlays, allowing the viewing audience to comment their guesses to the questions. In addition to the questions themselves, the Singular theme also includes a time meter and sound effects, all of which Optus Sports were able to control using an integrated Google Sheet (via the Google Sheets Widget).

Without access to their broadcast infrastructure, Optus Sport turned to Singular and LiveU as tools to produce the stream. Singular helped the show get off the ground quickly, with its ease of use and flexibility allowing Optus Sport to quickly make changes to the graphic content and styles between shows.

“We have been able to create a new show format in days, the tools we are using are allowing us to just focus on being creative," said production project lead Josh Hanson.

"The whole show is made with only a Producer and a Technical director who are working in their own homes. Ironically, this is such an exciting period for pushing the boundaries of what is possible and Singular.Live is helping us do that.”

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