January 13, 2021

National Holocaust Memorial Centre and Museum Uses Singular to Share Stories of Standing Up to Hate

Amidst the political and social turmoil of 2020 and the preceding years, the National Holocaust Centre and Museum in the UK offered a timely reminder of the importance of standing up against hate.

Working with Chapter 3 Graphics, a Singular Certified Service Provider, the National Holocaust Centre and Museum produced a collection of 27 hour-long live webcasts using Singular that shared survivors' stories and educate the public. Debuting on June 6, 2020, the streams featured six presenters, 39 expert guests, and reached over 30,000 viewers. With the museum closed due to Coronavirus lockdowns, the streams served as a way to continue the ongoing conversation about discrimination, propaganda, and the terrible consequences of hate.

After initially using a Zoom setup, the museum turned to Chapter 3 Graphics and Singular to  provide a broadcast quality production befitting of the subject matter.  Chapter 3 built an overlay package using Singular Composer, integrated Singular into vMix, and streamed the content to multiple social platforms.

The ease of use of Singular and its vMix integration allowed for just one person managing the entire production, including controlling overlays using Singular Studio, mixing video and audio, and handling media and output, all from a simple HP Zbook.

"Singular Live has become a really good alternative platform for us because it's flexible, cost effective,  easy to use and straight forward to integrate with other software," said Adam Rose of Chapter 3 Graphics.  "The support we have had to help us deliver our first production has been first class.  The Singular team were always on hand to help with questions and issues we might have."

Watch highlights of the webcasts, here.

About Chapter 3 Graphics

Founded by William Butcher in 2016 and with over 18 years of experience, Chapter 3 Graphics is a fast growing motion design company based in West London. They're passionate about delivering unique, stylish and effective solutions to help tell your story in motion. Learn more about Chapter 3 Graphics, here.

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