May 3, 2021

Milan’s Commitment to a Fair and Sustainable Digital World

Milano Digital Week, Italy’s largest and most important fully digital event, made a much-anticipated return to the city from the 17th-21st March 2021. Perhaps more important now than ever, the conversation on digital evolution continued.

This year’s theme was ‘Fair and Sustainable City’. The mission at the center of this year’s edition was to communicate how digitalisation has now become a common and essential good, starting from the city of Milan. A special focus this year was dedicated to sustainability and how the potential of digital transformation can be applied to sustainable development and the circular economy. The event successfully hosted an astounding 650 free fully digital programs tackling specific areas such as education, equality, sustainable development and environment. 

Whilst the commitment was to demonstrate digitization as a common and essential good in the modern era, Milano Digital Week has shown its commitment to using digital tools for the common good. Beyond the magnitude, topics and free aspect of the educational events, ease of information acquisition was a major contributing factor. Many live events included the display of important learning documents such as PDFs and Powerpoints with straight-from-video download links for audience members. Service Provider /'aut/ studio delivered this innovative info distribution solution by integrating Singular overlays into the website video player to manage the asset display and download framework. As the only graphics platform accredited for its sustainability by Albert, alongside our flexible, fully customizable advanced features, Singular was the obvious choice.

Through the innovation of Milano Digital Week, Milan has demonstrated its commitment to being a Fair and Sustainable City. This event continues to communicate the power of the digital space as not only a common and essential good but one that, through commitment to accessibility, can be harnessed for the common good.

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