September 28, 2022

Mariupol FC's Defiant Return to Ukraine

Mariupol Women’s FC had humble but determined beginnings - funding themselves by starting a café and playing with a few donated kids’ footballs and male football shirts (the only government support they received). They quickly rose to the Ukrainian Women’s Premier League and became Singular for Good members in October 2021 so they could use our graphic overlays to broadcast their games and build a fan base:

When Putin’s forces invaded Ukraine and attacked Mariupol in February this year the team was forced to shelter in their coach’s cellar before staging a dangerous evacuation from the besieged city. The founders, Yana and Karina, then drove a van back into the city to deliver much-needed supplies to residents left behind. Learn more about their incredible story here.

Incredibly, the team managed to return from disparate locations across Europe and start the season with two wins. However, they still urgently need support to continue playing and  further their goals of opening football schools throughout Ukraine and establishing a volunteer organization to distribute humanitarian aid to those most affected by the war.

Donations of any scale here would enable the team to keep playing, but they’re also looking for longterm partnerships such as sponsorship, production equipment and broadcast rights.  Pioneering designers of female-specific sports footwear, IdaSports, are generously providing their support by donating their high performance football boots to the team and coaches.  

Contact to discuss ways you can help. Singular will donate an additional $5 for each of the first 100 responses to this survey

“Thank you for believing in us and for wanting our story to be heard.” - Mariupol FC founders, Yana & Karina 

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