March 10, 2021

Liga Primera's 2021 Launch

Liga Primera, the professional first division soccer league and project of professionalizing soccer in Nicaragua, joined the growing movement of professional sport leagues turning to as a way to take their content to the level they deserve.

Broadcast quality live match graphics are no longer the preserve of the biggest Federations with the most money; now any league anywhere in the world can easily look as good as their international competitors at a fraction of the cost.

Liga Pimera launched on February 27 on OTT Platform Sports Flick and YouTube with a stylish, customized match package all built in Singular’s native, web-based authoring environment; Composer. Overlays include a clock and score bug, lower thirds and all the elements needed for a full, live match production.

By choosing, Liga Primera also ensures that it is preparing for a future when they can take advantage of advanced features like localization, interactivity and everything else intelligent overlays have to offer.

Check out streams of their U20 youth category for free on their YouTube channel.

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