March 24, 2021

KamWise - The App Redefining Virtual Events

Now a year into the pandemic, virtual events and teleconferencing has become a ubiquitous aspect of modern life that will likely continue to play a prominent role going forward. Yet still, the tools presenters have at their disposal during these remote events have been relatively limited as this new normal was emerging.

But with KamWise, virtual organizers will have much more power at their fingertips to enhance both their on-screen presentation and their audience engagement. 

KamWise is a new app that leverages Singular’s overlays and API to give users the ability to connect more with their audiences. With KamWise, users can share video of themselves alongside a screen-shared presentation, rather than being relegated to a small box in the corner. This lets presenters maintain engagement with their audience throughout their entire event. Kamwise allows users to create more personalized and interactive content; presentations can be fully customized to fit their brand, and elements such as polls, Q&A's and icebreaker games throughout livestreams makes for a much more engaging audience experience.

KamWise also provides tools to help presenters organize their virtual events. Many presentations require files to be shared or information coming from a variety of sources. Keeping track of all these external elements during a live event can be a challenge, but with KamWise, users can create “playlists” of almost any document type from Google Drive, Microsoft Office, images, videos, websites, and more. On top of that KamWise has its own library of fully designed and animated slide templates, allowing users to build more engaging animated slides directly within KamWise rather than continuing to rely on static slides from external applications. Along with its tools for creating and organizing content, KamWise also includes a robust dashboard of tools including an event calendar, cloud storage, file sharing, task management, budgeting, and more. 

The virtual event space already has a huge variety of options for teleconferencing and user engagement applications. KamWise occupies the space between these options, bridging the gap between the two by focusing on the production workflow. KamWise works with whatever video conferencing app users prefer and combines with users’ existing user engagement platforms, allowing it to fit seamlessly into existing workflows while providing enhanced production and organizational tools.

With KamWise, virtual event organizers finally have the robust tools they need to offer engaging audience presentations without breaking a sweat.

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