July 14, 2021

The Joliet Slammers - A Minor League Team with Major League Broadcasts

The Joliet Slammers, a minor league team in The Frontier League, have recently made the switch to live broadcast quality graphics with their implementation of Singular overlays on the livestreams of their baseball games.

Joliet Slammers

The Frontier League prides itself on its fun, affordable and family orientated sports complex located in Will County, Illinois. Their passion for sport and how it unites Americans is evident from the Joliet Slammers trailer, which can be watched here. As one of the league's more visionary teams, the Joliet Slammers are committed to giving fans everywhere a chance to engage in a high level sporting event that balances professionalism and fun. Sean King, Founder/CEO of 1080 Productions says, “I like to think what makes us different from others in our league is that we strive to deliver a higher professional quality overall stream over others. And that starts with me and my team as we take great pride in our work!” This effort is made clear with the incorporation of pregame shows, in-game interactions and sideline reporting during their broadcasts.

Joliet Slammers

In continuation with the goal to have the best productions in the league, the Slammers recently decided to increase their production value by aiming to create a visual experience just like the MLB. In working with 1080 Productions, they determined the best way to do this was to make the shift towards utilizing live graphic overlays with Singular. King says the team was surprised at how easy it was to pull graphics from Singular into OBS (or any software for that matter), and how easy it was for a new user to get to grips with the platform. The live stream director was particularly grateful - claiming that it came as a relief to be able to do his job without the hassle of worrying about how to add graphics to his streams.

The incorporation of Singular into these broadcasts hasn’t just aided in creating a more professional viewing experience with real-time updates. They are using their new overlays to sell advertising spots during the games, offering a highly beneficial promotion opportunity for brands in which 100% of the revenue goes to the team. 

In short, the team’s pro-level implementation of live graphics has created a new way to generate revenue as well as provide a live viewing experience they believe their fan-base deserves.

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