November 15, 2021

Smart Video Innovates Ultramarathon Broadcast

On 30th October 2021, the Javelina Jundred Ultramarathon was broadcast from Phoenix, Arizona in a completely new way. Smart Video, a service provider specializing in corporate video and events, worked with the organization to cover the 30 hour endurance race in a multi-camera, browser-based production that featured Singular’s live graphic overlays and real-time data integration. 

The sheer length of the race required engaging, live graphics in order to keep an online audience entertained; real-time data integration provided by Singular’s API meant that up-to-the-minute leaderboards, results, temperature gauges and social feed commentary could be shown on-air. Dynamic athlete profiles including an avatar and biography information were also provided, created simply through information populated in a Google Sheet;  innovating any previous Javelina Jundred broadcast. The video coverage provided from a desert just outside of Phoenix was sent to a remote studio  - with correspondents using their phones and the p2p video conferencing app Despite the desert environment causing difficulties with the main video stream, the graphics element provided a consistent aspect to the show by remaining reliable throughout. 

Grass-roots events like Javelina Jundred do not typically have this high level of production value, due to both the expense of traditional hardware systems and the lack of resources available to them. But Blaine’s one-man business was able to create the required graphics, integrate real-time data to incorporate live features, and even tweak the composition behind the scenes as the event was going on. 

"I'm excited for the opportunity this represents for smaller grass-roots events, be it a charity event, auction, music performance, action sport, or high school/college/club competition... to get more visibility online and thus create more value for potential sponsors and partners as a result."- Blaine Coury, owner at Smart Video

About Smart Video

Smart Video is a full service video production company passionate about helping individuals and organizations accomplish their goals through video, while providing tremendous ‘bang-for-buck value’. With a focus on corporate video and events, the business counts on innovative solutions like to keep costs low and quality high for their clients. Normally Blaine uses contractors when he needs a crew for additional cameras, operators and editors etc. Now, with the incorporation of Singular into his workflow, it means he can ‘level up’ the production value of a client’s broadcasts without having the extra expense of dedicated hardware and team members. He can automate most elements of the service he offers ‘with a simple button press on a lightweight laptop or portable setup’. All this means that Smart Video can now offer clients high quality live streams just about anywhere with very little set up time.

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