October 3, 2023

IBC 2023 was vibrant and busy!

This year Singular was in full force at IBC after our partners Zixi completed their initial integration with Singular and kindly invited us to have a pod at their impressive booth. An offer we were delighted to accept!

This also gave us an opportunity for the management team to get together ahead of the show and discuss plans for Singular moving forwards. As a company we’re spread all over the globe so having a chance to get together as a team gives us a great opportunity to go deep into plans and ideas and as a result we’ve got some really exciting initiatives on our roadmap! You’ll have to stay tuned to find out more about that in the future.

The IBC show itself was busy pretty consistently across each day and the Zixi booth had a lot of visitors. The Zixi team were excellent hosts and had really done a great job with their booth showcasing their Software Defined Video Platform and multiple partner integrations.. Unsurprisingly they were multiple award winners including Best of Show from TV Tech.

Singular had over a dozen partners at IBC this year so we were very busy visiting and supporting them. It also gave us a chance to meet up in-person with partners and discuss their needs and what more we could do with them. There will be some exciting developments coming from that as well to further tighten and improve some of our integrations.

Singular was proud to have participated once again in the excellent IBC Innovation Accelerators. In fact this year we were involved in the following three Accelerator projects:

It is a really excellent program that we would recommend anyone in our industry to join - as long as you come with an openness to collaboration and innovation.

Our Head of Marketing Mike Ward was interviewed by partners SimpleStream for their fantastic new podcast: Beyond the Stream and also by another partner Tinkerlist for their brilliant IBC news show.

A couple of key things that surprised us this year. TV2 Norway showed us how far they had progressed with their integration of Singular into their live production workflows. They have really embraced the platform side of Singular, and developed their own API workflow that talks directly to Singular with custom control interfaces and data integrations to perfectly suit their needs. As a renowned innovator, especially in the field of live graphics, it was incredibly gratifying to see how much the TV2 team had already done. Truly impressive stuff that they plan to evolve and further scale.

Secondly we realized the importance of overlays.uno as an introduction to Singular. While the Singular platform remains the most comprehensive HTML graphics platform with documented APIs and SDKs, an authoring environment, real time analytics and much more, the reality is that many of our clients, customers and partners will mostly engage with Singular from a simple graphics playout perspective. In that instance, uno offers a truly intuitive and easy to use playout interface. Although we built it for streamers, we’re seeing large numbers of bigger clients and Enterprise customers embrace uno as their playout interface, especially for simpler productions that don’t necessarily require the playlist offered in Studio.

We also received many requests from partners for custom or dedicated unos for their clients which we have been busily making.

Finally, the last observation from the team is one that many others have also had:  the train from London is an infinitely better way to travel to Amsterdam than flying for several reasons. Even without the direct train next year we’d thoroughly recommend it.

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