September 8, 2021

Live Coverage of Senate Hearing on Tigrayan Conflict Brings Awareness to Cause

Based in Colorado, the Rocky Mountain Multicultural Community run radio station KETO 93.9 FM played an important role in  spreading awareness about the ongoing genocide in the Tigray region of Ethiopia. The station streamed the Senate Foreign Relations Committee hearing at Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.; reviewing the possible war crimes committed by the Ethiopian government. This hearing was broadcast live with graphic overlays via their Facebook and YouTube channels, to make sure the situation was seen and heard by their community and others across the world. 

For the past eight months, the Tigray region of Ethiopia has been center stage for a theater of war crimes perpetrated by the Ethiopian government. Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed invited several external actors to help attack his own people. The horrific crimes and atrocities, reported by Tigrayans, aid workers and countless human rights organizations, have devastated families and communities. Following these barbaric conditions, Tigrayan immigrants living in the USA came together to spread awareness about the genocide and to call on the US Government to intervene. Road-block marches on the 5th&6th June 2021 in Denver, USA carried posters saying ‘the people of Tigray need you now more than ever!’. This national uprising was also given leverage by KETO FM - as they produced videos in advance to encourage more people to join the protests.

Following the 2 day protests, the US government reviewed the situation and began to take action; imposing sanctions on the Ethiopian government and increasing pressure in the hope that it may lead to some peace. In the live broadcast provided by KETO FM, viewers were able to witness the Senate vowing to listen to and support the Tigrayan plight. Since then, Ahmed has since waved a white flag and called for a unilateral ceasefire. The official hearing certainly catalyzed this decision, and raised crucial awareness of the struggles of the Tigrayans.

Endale Getahun of KETO FM told us he was surprised at how swiftly they were able to sign up fo a free account as a Singular For Good user and utilize the platform, despite having no previous experience in implementing graphic overlays to streams. The successful broadcast provided seamless coverage of a pivotal event in the efforts to free an innocent community from injustice.

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