October 15, 2020

Five Iron Golf Launches Live Simulator Golf Tournament

Five Iron Golf recently launched the Five Iron Golf Tour, a simulator golf tour with monthly tournaments to provide a way for the everyday urban golfer to compete, win prizes, and ultimately be crowned the nation’s best indoor golfer.

With each monthly tournament culminating in a finals event played simultaneously across each of their locations, they knew a live-broadcast on their Twitch channel with commentators and a live scoreboard was essential.  The team's production experience is limited but in researching ways to enhance the broadcast with live graphics, they discovered Singular.live.

The responses from their inaugural stream were overwhelmingly positive, with comments on the brilliant commentary, golf skills, and overall experience leading to how the live scoring tied every aspect together and created a professional, fun, and engaging event. Five Iron Golf says they look forward to enhancing their future live streams by utilizing Singular.live.

About Five Iron Golf

Five Iron Golf is an indoor golf and entertainment business founded in NYC in 2017 that currently operates with a mission to make golf more inclusive and accessible at each of their 5 locations across 4 cities: NYC, Baltimore, Chicago, and Philly.

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