April 7, 2020

EA Pivots to Remote Setup using Singular for Apex Legends Global Series

Locked out of their own studios due to shelter-in-place orders and just 10 days from the Apex Legends Global Series air date, EA needed a remote production solution fast.

Using Grabyo - a Singular Certified Technology Partner - as its production platform, EA turned to Singular for a portion of its on-screen graphics, given Singular's seamless integration with Grabyo.

EA's setup used three nested Grabyo layers in order to accommodate the multitude of feeds they needed. The solution allowed for everyone - casters, producers, tape-room editors, observers, and players - to successfully do their jobs all from their own homes. The result was a set of successful streams on March 21 and 23 and April 4 and 6, with another three planned over the next two months.

Check out SVG's article for a full overview of EA's remote workflow.

For a tutorial on how to set up Singular.live with Grabyo, click here.

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