October 22, 2021

Annual fundraiser inspiring positive community impact goes live

On 23rd September 2021, The Dragon Kim Foundation successfully held its fourth annual fundraiser: The Dragon Challenge 2021. 

Based in Irvine, CA, the Dragon Kim Foundation’s mission is to inspire young people to positively impact their communities while discovering and pursuing their passions. This is done through their music program, serving under resourced areas and helping elementary school students receive a musical education, and through their Fellowship program, where youths can receive up to $5000 to execute a project serving their community. This year was their first fundraising event that covered both in-person and live virtual coverage of the proceedings, for which Foundation Coordinator Briana  said “Singular was the perfect fit.” 

With the crew and client reps for the event being distributed over a total distance of 1000 miles, the remote element of the event’s production workflow needed to be seamless. The team had 3 broadcast cameras on location, but utilized a 100% remote control room; a vMix-based Main Vision Switcher supported both server infrastructure and Singular, meaning all members of the team could connect the feeds from venue to control room from wherever they were. One of the main concerns of providing both an in-person and virtual production was timing - which Josh Kaufman from Director’s Cut said turned out to be very smooth through using Singular’s HTML. The production team also had concerns that the sense of community and achievement for such a great cause would not be felt as much via the remote side of the event - but the seamless timing of the process meant that their online audience was connected in real-time, helping to capture the moment perfectly for those watching at home. The foundation commented that the organisation’s community-centered values were also not lost throughout the event, as “through Singular [they] were able to build a sense of community from anywhere during the program”.  The event was a huge success - perfectly capturing the story of the charity and how it has led to who they are today. The proceedings also raised a fantastic $5,469.79 to support the foundation’s community programs. 

The Dragon Foundation now helps over 200 elementary school students from under-served communities. To find out more about this program, or to sign up yourself, visit https://dragonkimfoundation.org

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