May 25, 2020

DoubleTake Sports Offers Broadcast-Quality Productions at a Fraction of the Cost

Live sports and news have always been key planks in the evolution of broadcast technologies, as their hungry viewers seek and expect more information and engagement ina high quality package. This hasn't changed with the growth of cloud and IP-driven solutions - if anything, it has accelerated.

DoubleTake Sports, a Singular certified service provider, is a leader in the new world of digital-first sports production. The Australian-based company uses technologies like Singular to create TV-quality broadcasts and live streams of professional and grassroots sports.

DoubleTake Sports specializes in using cutting edge, cloud-based production tools to deploy bespoke solutions to broadcasters, maximizing the viewer experience and minimizing costs without sacrificing the quality or look and feel of the brand.

A perfect recent example of DoubleTake's unique offering came when Fox Sports Australia approached them to produce the domestic broadcast feeds of some key competitions, including Super Rugby pre-season matches, Super W, and the National Rugby Championship.

The DoubleTake Sports team on-site at TORIAN PRO.

DoubleTake was able to provide all the typical TV production inclusions - including multi-channel replay and TMO capability (Television Match Official, or video referee/video review official) - with just a fraction of the typical TV production footprint. Using modern software-based systems, they condensed all the hardware needs to power that level of production quality into just a few RU of rack space.

Meanwhile, DoubleTake used Singular to power a full broadcast graphics package matching Fox Sports Australia's look and feel, recreating the entire existing rugby graphics package in Singular in less than a week. Furthermore, they integrated these Singular graphics with a database of competition match statistics.

DoubleTake's skill at maximizing Singular's simplicity allowed them to make a major last minute refresh of the package in less than a day.

The combination of DoubleTake's prowess with the power and flexibility of Singular and other modern production software platforms creates a final production that is nearly indistinguishable from traditional broadcast techniques, but at a fraction of the cost and time.

DoubleTake has a long portfolio of other innovative solutions in graphics and production mixing that uses new technologies to provide cost-effective but highly immersive productions for their clients, including their recent remote production of the Intrust Super Cup Esports Challenge. Visit DoubleTake's Projects page for more details on the services they've provided their clients.

About DoubleTake Sports

DoubleTake Sports supplies digital strategy, data, and video services to broadcasters, NSOs/governing bodies, and leagues across the sports industry. A leading provider of production and live streaming services, DoubleTake Sports adopt new and evolving technologies to produce white label TV-quality sports productions for a fraction of the cost of traditional outside broadcast.

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