December 8, 2020

Caffeine's Ultimate Rap League

Caffeine is a social broadcasting platform that delivers 24/7 live, interactive content at the intersection of entertainment, sports and gaming. Caffeine content partner Ultimate Rap League (URL) streams weekly battles considered by many to be the best in the world. In a live event forum, the globe's most prolific rappers and MCs go head-to-head spitting out freestyle rhymes and bars in the wildest, most heated battle rap smackdowns. Like other improvisational art forms, freestyle rap is best captured live, and with all live video comes the need for live graphics. Custom cloud-based Singular overlays delivered by New Game Plus are used for their productions, providing branded context such as competitor names, round titles and more.

URL produces regular, remotely-hosted programming and occasional tent-pole events with two different technical workflows. The remote shows use a cloud-based OBS instance to composite the live video and overlays, while the compositing for the occasional on-site events is handled in a TriCaster TC2 Elite. Although compositing varies depending on the production, overlay building and live operation remain fully remote. URL's operators work from their homes on a low latency Multiview and program feed while production communications are seamlessly handled with a Reidel comms system in Discord.

Caffeine Engineer Alex Lowry says, "Singular allows us to standardize our graphics workflow on a single system while still being very flexible to work with a wide array of workflows all while not being tied to a physical box or location." Check out the Ultimate Rap League and other 24/7 entertainment and gaming content at

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