April 7, 2021

Singular now supported in AWS Elemental MediaLive!

AWS Elemental MediaLive now supports HTML5 motion graphic overlays.

This means you can now easily use Singular.live directly in the AWS MediaLive interface, giving you direct access to the world’s most advanced overlay platform.

Singular is is the market leading platform for cloud graphics, built by a multiple Emmy-award winning team with over 25 years of history pioneering in live graphics.

Singular offers the most advanced and comprehensive platform for you to create, control and share your broadcast quality graphic overlays. Hundreds of thousands of hours of live content are already enriched with Singular.live every month. Now anyone using AWS MediaLive can add Singular.live overlays quickly and easily by simply taking your output URL and adding it into the MediaLive interface.

Using Singular and AWS MediaLive, it is now even easier to create broadcast quality productions in the cloud - this is the future, there's no going back!

Click here to read AWS' announcement and keep your eyes open for more information in the coming weeks!

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