March 21, 2022

A Message From Local Ukrainian News Channel PTV

Local News from a warzone.

At heart we all know that the broadcast industry is a small and close community. Historical events have often shown that despite commercial competition,  our industry comes together to support each other in times of need.

Poltava TV (PTV) is a local Ukrainian nonprofit news channel. They have been a Singular For Good member since early 2020, and are currently doing what they can to gather all the latest information from the ground and then broadcast live four times a day to tell local people where they can get help and assistance to help them try and survive.

These are broadcast colleagues and they need our help; they need funds to operate during wartime and they need us to share their message. Please read their message and if you feel you can offer help they have provided all their details . Equally if you are a news operation looking for local professionals to work with please contact them directly. Thank you.

Dear partners!

Greetings from PTV Poltava Television − a regional Ukrainian broadcaster located in Poltava, central Ukraine.

Due to Russian military invasion of Ukrainian territory on February 24, Ukraine is currently in a state of war. The constant shelling and bombing are underway. In the territory of Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson, Sumy, Mykolayiv regions, many civilians have been hurt or killed, the rest of the people are forced to flee to neighboring regions of Ukraine or other countries. Some cities and towns are on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe due to the constant shelling and the lack of ‘green corridors’. Poltava region is now the closest ‘rear’ region, which supports and receives people from Kharkiv and Sumy regions, providing humanitarian assistance to the affected regions and the people who found themselves inside the territory of Poltava region.

Under these conditions, PTV Poltava Television, the only broadcaster in the region, which has a license for 24/7 airtime in DVB-T2 mode and is available in all corners of Poltava region, operates 24/7 under no timeline.

We constantly collect and check the flow of information from social networking sites and other sources so that the population of Ukraine will have access to reliable information. Four times a day, we transmit the latest news about the course of war, the points of volunteer and humanitarian aid, and other information that can help civilians to survive during the war.

Currently, our team consists of 45 journalists, presenters, editors, cameramen, editors and other specialists who ensure the work of the broadcaster. We have been working for over 7 years and in peacetime we have our own sources of funding. However, during the war in Ukraine, we are forced to appeal to our partners around the world to seek financial support for the work of Poltava broadcaster.

By following these links you can learn more about us and get acquainted with our work:

Fortunately, Poltava and Poltava oblasts did not suffer such terrible damage as Kyiv, Kharkiv, Chernihiv, Kherson or Sumy oblasts. But we accept tens of thousands of refugees from those places, so the free voice of all of us, of all these areas, must be heard on local television. Help us to be heard!

You can support us by transferring funds to the account:

Account of Poltava Television LLC:


USREOU 40887689


Beneficiary (Бенефіціар)

IBAN: UA 50 322001 00000 2620 5315 6690 22

Account No 26205315669022

Receiver: ZVIAHOLSKYI BOHDAN, 36000, Ukraine, reg. Poltavska, c. Poltava, st. Velikotirnovska, build. 33/2, fl. 79

or directly to the card of the Editor-in-Chief of PTV Poltava Television

Zviaholskyi Bohdan

4441114452433475 Monobank

4731185611624609 Privatbank

For the convenience of transfers for the diaspora in hryvnias

TransferGo / TransferWise / PaySend

Data: First name Last name Oksana Savchenko

Phone number .. +380664417347

The last four digits of the card: 0294

We are very grateful to you for your support!”

Zviaholskyi Bohdan, Director of PTV Poltava television

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