March 24, 2020

5 Ways Singular Can Help with your Remote Productions

While Traditional production has begun a transformation the past few years to leverage cloud and remote capabilities, this has recently accelerated due to COVID-19. While the production workflow evolves, the need for dynamic overlays and branding remains paramount.

Singular was developed specifically with this in mind. Here's how Singular can be leveraged for remote operations and cloud production.

1. Control overlays from anywhere

Keep your operators at home. Living entirely on the internet, a single click from an operator anywhere in the world will play your graphic out on air instantly. This is important when access to offices and studios is limited and on-site productions aren't possible.

2. Singular already works with partner solutions

There are a large number of production solutions that Singular works with natively. This ranges from desktop software to cloud-based production tools. For the growing list of compatible solutions, see our article here.

3. SDI or NDI workflow? No problem

If you're using a traditional SDI workflow, Singular's digital feed can still be used easily. This article explains how to connect Singular to an SDI output., Need more help? Singular's partner, Reality Check Solutions, has also developed an all-in-one hardware and software solution to get you up and running with SDI in no time.

For NDI workflows, we've built the free Singular Recast app, which easily converts your overlay signal  to an NDI output. Download the latest version of Recast for Windows here and read up on how to get started here.

4. Build overlays as a team

If you're building your overlays from scratch in Singular’s creation platform, you don’t have to go at it alone. Singular will automatically save all your changes to the cloud, so a teammate can pick up from where you left off, wherever they are located. And best of all, your overlays are immediately available anywhere for your productions.

5. Singular for Schools and Singular for Nonprofits

If you're an educator, you can get access to Singular for free with no watermark. Use the power of Singular overlays to reach your students remotely.

Additionally, nonprofits can get Singular for free with no watermark. Please contact us at for more information.

For help on setting up a remote workflow, please see this article in our Support Portal.

With Singular, Now You Can.

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