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Singular is unique among graphics platforms. We’ve applied decades of industry experience to the challenge of building the most versatile and intelligent solution. Flexibility: The platform is designed with the varied needs of today’s creators in mind. We can help you stand out and give you room to develop and experiment, while staying affordable. Personal touch: Singular offers much more than branded video overlays. Why not personalize the platform to your users – whoever they are, and wherever they are in the world? Monetization: We know our cloud-based workflow drives more user engagement. Singular is good for business.


On Stream

Add overlays to your video content in minutes. Choose from our free, pre-built templates, or build your own in our powerful authoring environment. Data integration, automation, customization; all the tools you need and more.

On Device

Go further: make your overlays personal and local, and render them in realtime on your users’ devices. Drive a new level of engagement and monetization. Syncs across all devices.

On Demand

Keep your VOD and archive content live with Singular overlays that you can update even after you’ve published. If your branding or sponsors change, you can revise your graphics, adding value and keeping everything fresh.


SINGULAR | Workflow

We provide an end-to-end platform for your overlay workflow.



Use our free, pre-built templates or dive into the full authoring environment and design your own.


We think our applications cover most scenarios, but if you need to, you can make your own.


Your output URLs will work anywhere from desktop software to cloud production services, and any web-enabled device.

SINGULAR | Features

Singular is a full platform. You can build your own solution to suit specific requirements. We even have a dedicated developer website where you can find specific documentation, a test area and everything you need to build with the Singular platform. Click to go to our developer site.

Our widgets are built to make popular tasks easier. The Singular widget library contains dozens of tools that are free and available to all users or build your own widgets to sit inside your compositions using our Widget SDK.

Singular’s REST API is free and open to use and defines a set of functions that allow developers to perform requests and receive responses. The REST API enables you to manage live data, trigger animations of live overlays and much more. Read more here.

Keeping updated is essential and that is why we have a beta version of Singular where all the latest planned releases are tested before being released onto the platform. We invite users to sign up to our beta updates here

From account management to graphic assets, everything in Singular is in the cloud. Our centralized approach allows your assets to be used anywhere. Need to make a last minute change? No problem, our version control lets you update changes instantly.

Singular provides a full suite of overlays created by industry professionals to get you started that you can access for free.

If you don’t find what you need in the Marketplace, create your own graphics in Singular Composer, our incredibly powerful authoring environment.


Whether you’re adding your overlay On Stream or rendering locally on thousands of devices, Singular has you covered. Our scalable architecture can handle the load using industry leading hosting services.

Singular provides control applications for many production workflows. If you need something else our Control App SDK enables you to build your own application. This is hosted directly within Singular ensuring that instancing and scaling are handled by our platform.

All key features of Singular are available from our various API’s & SDK’s. Easily integrate Singular into your own product or service.

Singular is both powerful and flexible. Use your Singular overlays everywhere from web-friendly production tools to any web-enabled device.

Training & Support

How-to videos, documentation, CodePen, free workshops and a growing community of users & developers all feed into Singular training and support. Regular newsletters and specific beta updates help you to stay ahead of the game.

Recast for NDI®

Need more than a web output? Use our free utility: “Recast” to generate an industry standard NDI® stream that will fit straight into your workflow. Read more here. Download here.

Singular works with many great partners to support production, integration and delivery of content with Singular overlays. From desktop and cloud based production tools, to player integration, Singular’s got you covered. Want to partner? Click here.

Singular provides powerful tools to give you everything you need whether it’s free overlay templates, support or deeper integration and customization.






Authoring Environment

External Control & Integration



Live Production Control

Centralized Management


SINGULAR | Pricing

On Stream
with watermark
per live on air hour
with no watermark
Tailored pricing
dependent on requirements.
On Device
On Demand
Tailored pricing
dependent on requirements.

Singular offers different pricing options to suit your needs. Everyone gets full access to the platform for free. Three options for output pricing.

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