Overlays to amplify live stream missions

Launched in response to the pandemic, Singular for Nonprofits offers a completely free Singular account to your nonprofit organization. Add real-time graphics to your live streams, all from a web browser.

Live overlays for streaming

Free for nonprofits


Pre-built templates

Easy to implement

*Nonprofit accounts do not currently include advanced features like interactivity.


Overlays For All Types of Content

Singular overlays can be used for any type of live show. In this new era of social distancing, nonprofits have pivoted to making a positive social impact via live streaming.


Uses include remote meetings, seminars, counseling sessions, online fundraising activity, remote worship and much more! Learn more about how nonprofits are benefitting from our overlay revolution here

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"We use Singular to add impact to our WildAid Live content - it has been great!"

Gary Yip, Director of Video Production, WildAid


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