Singular for Good offers a completely free Pro level Singular account to educational and nonprofit organizations to help support the vital work they do. Add real-time graphic overlays to your live streams, all from a web browser.
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*For Good (SFG) accounts do not currently include advanced features like interactivity.

Make an Impact with Live Graphic Overlays

Schools and nonprofits across the globe are using Singular overlays, at no charge, to add clarity, meaning and engagement to their live content. In this unprecedented time of school closures and social distancing, nonprofits have pivoted to making a positive impact by live-streaming meetings, seminars, counseling sessions, online fundraising, remote worship and more. We're also on a mission to help train the next generation of content creators and production professionals through our partnerships with schools. Educators have enhanced their remote teaching, school news shows, sports and arts streaming, and students have even produced their own graduation ceremonies from their bedrooms!
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