The Singular Partner Program

Our partners are essential as we collaborate together to help revolutionize our industry. If you are a service provider or a technology platform that uses (or could use) Singular, then join us to help make the change. Learn more about the Certified Partner Program or apply below to join.

Service Providers

As a service provider, you will be added to our publicly accessible Service Provider's database promoted to the Singular community.

Technology Companies

As a technology company, you'll be added to our Works With database with first priority from Singular Support as a recommended offering.


Join us in revolutionizing our industry

"Users never have to leave the TVU Channel interface to work with a Singular overlay..."

Greg Doggett, Vice President of Business Development, TVU Networks

"Singular continues to impress and we are repeatedly discovering new features. We’re regularly surprised at the capabilities of the platform."

William Butcher, Founder & Creative Director, Chapter 3 Graphics

“Thanks to Singular.Live, ClearCaster users can create high-quality animated graphics, polls and scoreboards in real-time, taking our users broadcasts to the next level."

Dan Germain, Principal Product Manager, Wowza


Become a Singular Partner

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