Revolutionize Live Graphics

Singular is a disruptive next-gen live graphics platform with a pioneering, accessible web-based architecture. Its Intelligent Overlays offer a sustainable alternative with features to modernize productions alongside personalization and interactivity to exhilarate and engage audiences. Singular is empowering a better experience for content creators, viewers and the planet.


As serial pioneers and leaders in broadcast tech, we are acutely aware of the limitations of traditional hardware-based systems so we designed and built a better way of doing things; a web-based graphics platform that offers radically different possibilities through the use of Intelligent Overlays. Now content creators have access to advanced next-gen features such as analytics, adaptive, interactive graphics and more, the likes of which have never been possible before.


We set out to completely remove barriers to entry. As a browser-based platform, Singular is available to anyone with a computer and internet connection, wherever they are in the world.  With a free sign-up option, anyone interested in learning this platform can get started immediately. We offer extensive support content to help people learn and thrive with Singular, including free monthly live webinars. We’ve also made our Pro Accounts accessible to schools and non-profit organizations via our Singular for Good program. 


Singular is the only live graphics platform with Albert accreditation for sustainability.  Removing the need to transport people and equipment around the world lessens the environmental impact of live production as supported in a  recent IBC study demonstrating how cloud-native solutions reduce technical infrastructure. Read more about our environmental impact and goals here.


Singular.live  empowers productions and audiences alike. Cutting edge features modernize and streamline production workflows while meeting the demands of current and future audiences. Singular unlocks enhanced, personalized viewer experiences with on-device features that include interactivity, second screen experiences, language personalization and more. Best of all we do it in a more sustainable, accessible way so everyone can benefit.


Founded by pioneers

When it comes to graphics, the team at Singular have more experience (and more Emmy awards) than anyone else on the planet. We know the problem with the existing solutions; expensive, inaccessible, hardware and software dependent, plus they’re not very environmentally friendly. These traditional systems pre-date the internet and their fundamentals remain relatively unchanged.

In 2015 our CTO Hubert Oehm was working on a large-scale implementation project in Doha; “the largest control room he had ever seen in over 25 years in broadcasting.” Considering that Hubert was one of the original founders of Vizrt and had worked with the largest broadcasters all over the world, this was some statement. It seemed absurd to him that there was all this incredibly expensive hardware and software lined up in row after air conditioned row in the middle of the heat of the middle east, simply to take a video signal and add graphical overlays to it.

This was where the concept of Singular was born. Out of a realization that there had to be a better way to do what was being done. A more modern way that could do this but also much, much more.

As Hubert began to think about this more deeply, he engaged a long time partner and collaborator Thomas Molden. Like Hubert, Thomas had worked in broadcast and live graphics, in particular in management, monitoring and control systems, for 25 years. The two of them had seen first hand how the worlds of live production, content creation and consumption were rapidly changing. The impact of digital devices was a major catalyst for that but so too was the internet. Many other industries had been revolutionized by new digital technologies from home entertainment to accommodation all the way through to personal transportation and retail. Yet broadcast remained resolutely linear and analogue. The internet was actively excluded from most production control rooms.

However the more they looked into it, the more they kept returning to the cloud through their research and discussion to find the best solution for the next generation. When looking for the most widely used, ubiquitous graphics format, the answer kept coming back to HTML. Even though 2015 was not that long ago, cloud services were nowhere near as robust and widely used as they are now. Certainly not in live production! Nonetheless Hubert and Thomas knew then that this new standard, providing the next generation of live graphics overlays, had to be cloud native and HTML. Thus Singular was born.

Once a very early prototype of the Singular platform had been developed, Hubert took it to show one of the most successful early pioneers with the Vizrt platform: Reality Check Systems. Based in LA, RCS was founded in 1997 and had won over a dozen Emmy awards designing graphics, software and supporting technologies for live productions primarily on the Vizrt platform for clients and events ranging from ESPN and CBS Sports to DAZN, Facebook, Sky, F1, MLB and multiple Superbowls.

RCS had themselves realized the same impending industry transition that Hubert and Thomas had seen and knew that Singular was the way forwards and immediately became partners in Singular.

A revolutionary graphics platform that collaborates with partners and works in all production workflows. Backwards compatible and future-proof. A platform that offers everyone no matter their experience, resources or circumstances the tools to enhance their content, augment their own platforms and ultimately provide a better, more engaging modern viewing experience for their audience.

Using Intelligent Overlays; a next generation HTML overlay that allows a two way dialogue between creator and audience, Singular delivers unique features and functionality including interactivity, personalization and real time analytics for example. Added to the fact that Singular is entirely browser-based this further demonstrates how Singular is fundamentally different from what has gone before.

But more than building a new graphics platform, Singular is building a community of creators and innovators. Collaborators and partners who use our platform with it’s open APIs and SDKs to develop or enhance their own ideas and solutions. It’s also why we created our Singular For Good program that gives free Pro grade Singular accounts to educators and nonprofits all over the world. A further chance for us to give back and encourage the next generation of content creators and production professionals that our industry so badly needs.