Case Study - NFL Fantasy League One

Footage from NFL Fantasy One, Episode 1, 2019

Project Overview

NFL Digital launched its new NFL Fantasy League One web show on in 2019, featuring Singular overlays prominently throughout the show.


The show's hosts are joined by celebrities each week as they all draft fantasy teams for that week's games. A Singular overlay package featuring topic bars and an assortment of full screen overlays is displayed while the talent discuss their picks for the week, as well as sleepers and recommendations on who to sit or start. Fantasy League One is a half hour show that airs multiple times per week. It is produced out of their digital studio in Culver City.


Check out Fantasy League One on their website, here.

Production Details

Certified Service Provider Reality Check Systems worked with the NFL creative services team on creating a new custom look and Singular overlay package, built in Singular's Composer. Once the Singular build was completed, the RCS team trained the NFL team at NFL Culver City digital offices.


The Singular overlays are converted into NDI format with Singular's NDI converter - Recast. The NDI signal is picked up by NewTek's Tricaster where the Singular overlays and live video are combined and sent out to and social platforms like Twitter. The overlays are live operated out of Singular's standard Control Application - Studio. The show has one producer and one graphics operator that run the half hour show production.

Key Takeaways

The NFL graphics team has taken the Singular package that was built out and has been able to add new overlays themselves. They are also currently developing interfaced calls to the GSIS Foundation database.




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